Bridge Excel

Today’s age is the age of computers. In Actuarial field there are various special purpose softwares designed for specific uses that you will get to know and learn only after you get employed. Despite a host of such special purpose actuarial softwares, a lot of actuarial work is done on spreadsheets of MS Excel. At the fresher’s level, it is probably the biggest resume booster to have MS Excel as a core skill. We, at Inflexion Point, have worked really hard to design a course on Excel that is perfectly tailored to Actuarial demands. It is broken up in three levels as under

It covers all the basics that you need to know to excel. It’s designed on the lines of ‘study online, doubts offline’ mode. You just have to find out eight and half hours to watch our videos.

Specially designed around Actuarial case-studies, this five week-ends 35-hours course is your elevator to a great Actuarial career. The way our case studies are designed, you get to gradually sharpen Actuarial thinking and analysis.

Specially designed with the demands of CA 2 exam the industry requirements in mind. This is an out-and-out actuarial course with focus on analysis, modelling and documentation. Additionally, the approach is to ensure that you have complete picture of Excel do’s and don’ts.