Bridge (R)

MS Excel is a powerful tool which helps professionals in tackling data. It helps in Presenting, Analysing, Summarising and Sorting data like no other tool. Professionals in all streams use this tool to enhance their application and analysis skills of the information at their disposal. With the increasing amount of data being used by companies, use of tools like Excel has become mandatory for all professionals to be effective and efficient.The videos explain from basics of Excel, functions, use of charts and tables, formatting, Pivot tables etc. These videos help understand the concept and make sure to help you learn their application in crunch situations. They enhance the users’ capability to use shortcuts to save time while working on this tool. This course basically bridges a wide gap between the knowledge we have and its application in the corporate world.
Financial Modeling is the most sought after skill in the Finance domain today. This module has been designed by professionals to equip students with this very niche skill. With real-life industrial examples from the Hospitality Industry, Manufacturing Industry, amongst others, it gives the candidate immense exposure to understand how to go ahead and make assumptions and prepare a dynamic model to make precise business decisions.This course will give insights to building complex models in MS Excel using amazing formulae in order to maintain the dynamic nature of the model. Conducting Scenario Analysis, Ratio Analysis through the use of mesmerizing charts using Developer tab etc will give the presenter of such projects an edge over his competitors.
This course helps the student develope in-depth understanding of business. We have discussed important tools and concepts such as BCG Matrix, SWOT Analysis and Kurt Lewin Change Process used by entrepreneurs, managers and consultants to understand the nitty-gritties of a business. With emergence of startups, deepening of financial markets and advent of innovative ideas on a day-to-day basis, one must be well-equipped with these techniques to assess the feasibility of businesses. Good management is an absolute necessity for a business to be successful. This course gives a holistic view of business management. Students pursuing the course will develop an entrepreneurial attitude towards understanding business functions, developing strategy and solving problems.
Strategic financial management is a broad subject encompassing a full range of topics such as the working of derivatives, portfolio management, risk analysis, capital budgeting, among others. The course helps the student understand the subject by providing them a strong perspective about how to use the theoretical knowledge of finance in the running an organization through the use of real-life examples. In the purview of increased globalization, amplified depth of financial markets and increased importance of risk management after 2008 recession it has become imperative for students to have knowledge of this field. The videos explain the concepts of finance through the use of examples encountered in daily chores of an organization.
Derivatives are financial instruments that have gained immense importance in the last few decades in the spheres of hedging, speculating and increasing leverage. Derivatives is a dynamic stream of finance, which has evolved rapidly in the past few years due to the magnitude of successful trading stories in this sector of the market. A deep understanding of use of these instruments is of utmost importance because the downside of reckless dealing in derivatives can be huge as was experienced in the 2008 crisis. The videos explain the concepts in a way which helps the students to decipher the world of derivatives, understand the jargon used in the market and discover how best to use them.