Gopal Goel

Having extensively taught Actuarial Science for the last 11 years, Gopal Goel has found just a handful of students with a natural flair for this domain of finance. For others, many things – not explicitly covered in the official course materials – need to be highlighted, underlined, emphasized and explained clearly often with simple real-life examples

He has over 26 years of teaching experience. In the Actuarial field he holds a DAT (Diploma in Actuarial Techniques – Finance & Investments) that is awarded on clearing the CT series + CA3 + ST5 or ST6. Out of these eleven papers, he topped CT7 and ST5 besides being the second topper in CT6 and clearing CT4, CT5 and CT8 in the same attempt. Unlike others, he hasn’t taken an IFoA membership as he could easily clear the IAI papers.

He puts down his work ethics – in his inimitable style – as under Make No Compromise with QUALITY. Make No Compromise with COMMITMENT Then, there would be nothing in this world on which you could be asked to compromise. He earnestly hopes to pass on this work-ethic to his students

In his class, there can never be a let up on Concepts, Complete course coverage & Comprehensive doubt clearance. His commitment to the supremacy of conceptual accuracy has seen him challenging study material solutions and getting them corrected. He has done so for CT5, CT8 and ST5. When establishing the flaw in some ‘official’ solution or statement, he makes it a point to explain it clearly and also providing an alternate solving technique to verify the final answer. Backed by such confidence and courage of conviction, he proceeds to get it corrected for the benefit of all the students.

To him, teaching does not mean merely explaining the text and justifying whatever solution is printed in the ‘official study materials’. For him an error is an error; no matter who has made it.

From interview tips to resume making to making actuarial sense of things happening in the outside world to making some project or writing some article, students find his suggestions extremely useful and relevant. He is always willing and available to help his students in all possible ways.

Mohit Sapra

A recent addition to the InflexionPoint faculty, Mohit is young, dynamic and energetic. He distinguishes himself from others by the sheer dint of his hard work and a keen perception. His students find it refreshing and reassuring that he can cite simple easy to relate examples from everyday life. He has cleared three actuarial papers. He swears by continuous improvement and monitoring. He sets very thoughtful and insightful assignments for better understanding and revision of his students. He makes it a point to give personal attention to each and every student’s doubts

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Gopal Goel
Gopal Goel

Having extensively taught Actuarial Science for the last 11 years.

Mohit Sapra

He distinguishes himself from others by the sheer dint of his hard work and a keen perception.

  • I never took coaching for any actuarial subject, except 1. It was ST5 and it was with Gopal sir. Sir helped me immensely as I could not just cover the subject but also have conceptual discussions with him. I am sure he will be a great guide for young actuarial students. Best wishes Khushwant Pahwa

  • One thing which I like most about Mr Goyal is that he makes difficult things look easy. You tell him any problem (Actuarial only!) which seems difficult to you, first thing he will say is 'Don't worry, it's easy' before going to the basics and solving the problem. These words work like magic by giving confidence that it's not difficult and maybe I missed something Vishal Vermani

  • Amid the ever-deteriorating education system of our country, we still have a few people who maintain the sanctity of the teaching profession. Gopal sir is one of those 'gurus', working honestly and relentlessly to contribute to actuarial profession and to carve his students as better professionals (actuaries to be specific) Hemant Mundhra

  • I had the privilege of taking guidance and support from Gopal Sir for Actuarial Science. He is very effective and helps his students immensely Rahul Khetan

  • I have known Gopal sir from my Graduation days, and since then he has been a true motivator. He has always encouraged to take risks and has welcomed the out of box thoughts. Most importantly, he has always focussed on doing things with first principles which makes the concept clear and concrete. I wish Gopal sir all the very best for his endeavours and new challenges that he is taking up. Arpaan Begdai

  • Gopal Sir is one of the finest actuarial science teachers. His biggest strength is his patience. Also, he is extremely well versed with the concepts, which ensures an excellent transfer of subject knowledge. His style of teaching helps in developing logical skills to problem solving. Nitika Changia

  • Mr. Gopal Goel is a very appropriate teacher for Actuarial Science. The reason for using the word 'appropriate' instead of any other adjective is because his first aim has always been to make the basics clear and strong. And we all know that a skyscraper cannot be built with a weak base. Ankit Dutta

  • First of all, I would like to thanks Gopal Goel for the professional support he gave in helping to prepare me successfully for Actuarial Exam. You are knowledgeable, patient, enthusiastic, professionally expert, conversant and kind. So thank you for being an excellent Professor! We know teachers like you are not easy to find. We appreciate your time, your patience, your ability to make a dry subject interesting. Ankit Kapila

  • Its simply awesome to hear about Inflexion point.Obviously the charm being " GOPAL SIR " .He is probably the best teacher I ever had or may be the best teacher one can ever have.Undoubtedly he is a gem of a person.In short Inflexion point is the place to be at the best and hence to beat the best. Ankit

  • Gopal Sir takes Actuarial Coaching beyond the prescribed study material. The insights and practical examples enhanced my grasp on the concepts. Sir’s guidance and special attention helped me prepare better for the exams and the opportunities in the field. I am greatly indebted to him for all his efforts. Arjun Saluja

  • Gopal Sir is one of the most complete and hardworking teacher in the actuarial profession. He has a strong grasp on all the CT papers and is conceptually very strong. He takes a lot of pain in helping his students get placed and has many industrial contacts. He also helped me in cracking my interview with SwissRe. Bhavya Anand

  • Gopal sir : A brilliant mentor not only in terms of academic knowledge but also advising into the practical world. He has been a guiding light for many. His way of teaching can't be matched up to. It's been a great learning experience and hope this continues cause there is still so much to learn from sir. Karisma Aggrawal

  • Studying complicated subject like actuarial science from Gopal Sir is like watching a T20 match. I enjoyed and understood the concepts very easily. I think, Gopal Sir is best teacher not for actuarial science but whatever he teaches. Some people start teaching just for money but i think, Gopal Sir teaches because teaching is their passion. Manjeet Singh

  • It gives me great pleasure and joy to congratulate my teacher Mr Gopal Goel on his new step. I have always admired him and his teaching techniques. He is that one person who can teach you to move a mountain in few easy steps. He is a strong support and i am blessed with such a great mentor. Good luck Sir !!. palak maheshwari

  • You are a person I look up to. You are an epitome of perfection. The way you teach is incredible. Your concept clarity and in depth knowledge of the subject is something that differentiates you from other people who push their students into rote learning. Smriti Natha

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